Senator Darcy Boyce

A government Minister is insisting that strengthening the community is "the precondition for creating a more caring society and taking Barbados to the next level of development,"

This view was expressed by Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Darcy Boyce, who was delivering the feature address at the International Association of Lions Clubs, 31st Multiple District 60 Convention and 51st District 60 A/B Conventions, last Wednesday at the Hilton Hotel, Needhams Point.

Senator Boyce stated that Government was of the firm view that communities in Barbados enriched the quality of life for its citizens. He maintained it was essential not only to focus on the financial aspects of a country, even during recession, but an individual’s personal development.

"While we are busy searching for means of mitigating the impact of the recession on workers and sowing the seeds of recovery, we should also be paying attention to strengthening the social safety net to prevent our people from falling through the cracks into abject poverty and despair," he said.

Senator Boyce stressed the importance of Government and service organisations such as the Lions Club working together to mould young people for the betterment of society.

"We are, therefore, hoping to equip our young people with the values and skills to become more entrepreneurial, to get involved in the various governance systems and to give something back to their communities.

"And to you we now turn for assistance in motivating young people with the confidence and skills to consider business as a career, tempered by the laudable ethical standards under which your members operate," he added.

The Senator thanked the Lions Club for always being willing to partner with other service organisations, stakeholders and the private sector, for the advancement of the country. (AR/BGIS)


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