Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Cadets of the Garrison Secondary School’s No. 14 Unit have been reminded about the importance of pursuing greatness, striving for excellence and building a sound character.

That reminder has come from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, while delivering remarks at the Unit’s 30th Anniversary (Pearl) dinner last Saturday.?? The event was held in the school’s Mannie Bowen Auditorium.

He told the cadets that excellence in every facet of their lives was required to make Barbados a great nation.?? It was the only means by which he thought Barbados could take on the world.

"We are always too quick to elevate what is mediocre to the status of excellence, and if we make that mistake we lower our standards and then, we are not able to measure up before the bureau of world standards," Mr. Stuart cautioned.

The Prime Minister also urged the students to pursue greatness and added: "You have to determine what you want out of life and where you want to go.?? You are going to have critics … you are going to have people who will try to pull you down, those who will try to deflect you from your course and undermine your confidence.?? None of that will work if you are a person of character."

"So you have to be clear in your minds what you want, where you want to go and fix your gaze on the pursuit of that objective…," Mr. Stuart advised.


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