Eight-year old Xavier King of Holy Innocents Primary explaining his school’s environmental project "Refridgi-pond" to Minister of Education and Human Resource Devlopment, Ronald Jones (right). Looking on is Third Vice President of the?? Barbados Manufacturer’s Association, Ziad Kazan (left). (U.Gaskin/BGIS)

"Impressive" is how Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, described the display of work by primary and secondary school students at BMEX as he toured the exhibition yesterday, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.??

The annual effort by the students was coordinated by the Media Resource Department of the Ministry and included art and craft, language, mathematics, science and technology exhibits.

Expressing his satisfaction, Mr. Jones said: "The children’s work is obviously impressive from primary school to secondary. I am pleased with the schools which are on display and there are some things that stand out more than others."

As he elaborated further, the Education Minister noted that a collapsible bench; sand sifter and other products from the craft and woodwork department of St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School should soon see persons "putting in an order for them".?? While highlighting the marketable features of this bench, he said that it could be "disassembled and assembled at any location that you want to go to as a family unit; to play your dominoes, draughts and chess, eat your food… or simply laze around."

"St. Leonard’s, I’m pleased to say, is highly creative in technical and vocational areas and I have seen it continued here as well," Mr. Jones stressed.

He also spoke favourably of the environmental product, ???Refridgi-pond’, developed by pupils of Holy Innocents Primary School, and explained to him by eight year-old, Xavier King.??

"They used a discarded fridge as a container for water and a suction pump to pull that water up; filter it through to a plastic container utilising grit and discarded coconut shells and then what you see emerging is a sight to behold.?? So, what you see are discarded products that can be turned back into full use.?? So, they have employed some creativity," Mr. Jones noted, adding that he was equally impressed with the tour and information given by the young student.

The Education Minister said: "Generally, I am pleased and it goes to show that schools are working in a holistic manner. It’s not only Maths, English and Composition which children do for the 11-Plus, but there is a total picture of education and educating within the schools and I would want schools to more reach out to their communities.

"Let them see what they are doing and not only an exhibition done in conjunction with the Media Resource Department and BMA every year but to draw the schools closer to the communities, let?? persons?? come and see the work of the young hands and young minds of Barbados."

Acknowledging that in every society, young people were adventurous and creative, Mr. Jones, a former teacher said: "The imagination runs wild in the minds of youth and where that imagination is running wild we need to channel it in such a way that it is productive and used for development activity. So, whatever the mind conceives we should be able to use it for achievement."


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