Non-nationals pursuing primary or secondary education on the island should possess a valid student visa.

This is according to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.?? It is also reminding parents/guardians that the visa allows children to attend educational institutions for one school year and must be renewed annually.

Forms for visas are available from the Immigration Department and must be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael, in order to start the visa process.

Parents, enrolling children in nursery or primary school for the first time, should ensure that along with the student visa the school is also presented with the child’s birth certificate and a health certificate, stamped "Immunised for School".

Where a guardian exists, an affidavit is required from him/her showing that the parent(s) have given them guardianship. This must be legally approved and the guardian should show some form of personal identification to the Ministry of Education.

If a child has attended school previously, a report from the former school should also be attached. Proof that the child has been accepted at a school nearest to his/her home must also be shown in order for the information to be processed by officials.

In the situation where a child is moving from primary to secondary school, having completed the Barbados Secondary School’s Entrance Examination (BSSEE/Common Entrance Examination), the Ministry of Education has recommended that parents bring proof of examination results showing acceptance to a secondary school.??

With respect to non-national students seeking entry at the secondary level, but who have not taken the Common Entrance Examination, their information will go first to the Exams Section of the Ministry of Education which will determine the availability of a place in a school.

Parents/guardians are further advised to maintain a constant check on student visas to ensure that these remain up-to-date.??

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