There have been improvements in the work of children who defer taking the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination (BSSEE) over the years.

This was pointed out today at George Lamming Primary School, following the start of Summer School Primary, an annual camp put on by the Education Ministry for students who defer writing the BSSEE, also known as the 11-Plus or Common Entrance Examination.

Giving some of the broad highlights were Education Officer responsible for Language Arts, Dr. Pauline Millar, and Education Officer responsible for Mathematics, Mrs. Wendy Griffith. Dr. Millar said the Ministry had witnessed improved reading levels and overall enhanced self-esteem and confidence in the students.

Mrs. Griffith, who noted that children seemed more comfortable with doing Mathematics, said: ???Normally, people are afraid of Mathematics, but the way that it is presented to them; the activities that we engage in, the students are not afraid of the Mathematics. We see that the area of problem-solving is another area they do a bit better in and they are able to learn some of the strategies that can assist them in solving the worded problems.???

Citing an example, the education official said results vary each year. ???We have students that were deferred for several different reasons and as a result their benefits from Summer School Primary would vary. We???ve had, for this year, a student who was here last year and he wrote the 2015 exam and he scored 84 in Mathematics. There was another who was here last year and she scored 70. These students came from St. Catherine???s Primary; so that has been an achievement,??? she pointed out.

The four- week summer camp, which runs from July 7 to 30, this year, has been in effect since 1997.

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