Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe,??participating in a tree planting exercise as??part of his Minsitry’s outreach in primary schools. (FP)??

Students of the Selah Primary School were yesterday urged to preserve the environment for their children’s future.

The admonition came from Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, who told the youngsters: "You have a responsibility to protect the environment for your children. If you do that well, I guarantee you that St. Lucy will remain one of the most beautiful parishes in the island and the cleanest."

Selah is the second school to benefit from the Minister of the Environment’s School Environmental Partnership programme, an initiative aimed at giving financial support to schools’ environmental clubs and programmes.

Making it clear that environmental stewardship also entailed water conservation, Dr. Lowe urged the students to seek to do so within their homes as well as at school.

"I want you from today to understand that when you go to the bathroom to wash your hands that you must not leave the pipe running until you have finished, but that you seek to conserve water," he advised.

Minister Lowe, also suggested that the school, which currently has a?? cadre of ???Litter Police’ in place, also consider setting up a recycling corner at the school to begin to separate their garbage, in an effort to put less burden on the island’s landfills.

After being treated to a rhythm poem by students of Class 3 on environmental preservation, Minister Lowe was presented with a vegetable basket by Headboy Tizoney Norville.

In turn the Minister presented a $500 donation to assist with the school’s environmental programme, as well as a painting on migratory birds compliments of the Natural Heritage Department.

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