Minister of Education, Ronald Jones

"Much of your success depends on you!"

This was the message delivered by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, to the graduands of the Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School, last Wednesday.

The former teacher advised students to develop a positive and confident outlook to life. "You must be willing to strive hard to succeed. This attitude must be built on self confidence that tells you that you can do those tasks which will help you to realise your dreams," he stressed.

Referring to the graduation ceremony’s theme: "Success Comes in Cans; not in Can’t’s", Minister Jones urged the graduands not to underestimate the power of their minds.

"Girls and boys, your mind is forceful, if you think that you can do something, there is a very high probability that you will get it done. On the contrary, if you think that you cannot do it, then you will not get it done," he observed.

Minister Jones also cautioned students to be aware of obstacles that could confront them in their pursuit of success.

"One of these obstacles is peer pressure. You have to be on the watch to make sure that you are doing what you want to do because you know it is right, rather than what?? your peers are doing, which may be wrong. Sometimes students struggle against their better judgment and do wrong things just to please their peers and remain a part of the group. Graduands, I implore you to develop an analytical mind. Think carefully and clearly before you choose to follow your peers," he urged.

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