Two students performing at the George Lamming Primary’s African awareness celebrations. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

Students at George Lamming Primary School along with their teachers dressed in their African garb today and celebrated their heritage with A Journey Across Africa.

One of the first schools to kick off activities for African Awareness Month, a highlight of the day was a lesson about Africa, undertaken by Reverend Seth Ampadu, who provided insights into the culture, food, fashion, music, dance and peoples of that region.

Children heard that Africa was a continent with approximately 54 different countries, a population representing some 14.8 per cent of the world’s population; and about 2,000 different languages. And, Reverend Ampadu said: "Humanity originated from Africa…and, therefore, we need to be proud that we are black people… It is Mother Africa that feeds the whole world because when we look at oil we can?? get oil in?? Nigeria; when you want copper, diamond, timber, gold…[they] are all in African countries. "

Drawing similarities with Barbados, he noted that the food was no different. "We find all of them in Africa that is why when I came to Barbados about three years ago, I did not find it difficult to adjust myself because most of the food that we have in Ghana we find here and, therefore, I was pleased to eat Bajan food…the plantains and yams," said Reverend Ampadu, adding that dishes similar to cou cou and pelau existed.??????

The day also saw performances in dance, rhythm poetry and song from the children. The school’s activities will continue until Friday, March 1.


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