Erdiston Primary and Queen’s College have done well in this year’s Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) poster competition.

Stephie Agard of Erdiston Primary placed in the final round of the Junior Division, while Emma Edghill of Queen’s College took second place in the Senior Division of the regional competition.

For their efforts the duo received US$200.00 and US$1500.00, respectively, and their schools art department BDS $500.00 in prize money.

Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, lauded the students on their acheivement and told the small gathering of parents, teachers and sponsors that more young people needed to get involved in the industry, this country’s main foreign exchange earner.

The Minister also stressed that stakeholders and partners within the industry must offer more practical work stints for the youth.  

“We as an industry cannot operate in isolation.  We need to step up and mentor our young people, and give them a sense of what this industry is all about,” he said.

Art teachers of the winning schools, Marlon Malone of Erdiston Primary and Sandie Spink of Queen’s College, received an Island Safari tour for their participation in the contest.

The contest was designed to promote environmental awareness and to encourage young people to embrace tourism as a way of life.

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