Ten deserving school children will shortly receive much needed supplies to take back to school thanks to Special Heart Productions which has given shoes, bags and stationery to two charities to distribute to needy children.

In making the presentation yesterday at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, founder of Special Heart Productions, Kerri Gooding, noted that she hoped to continue the programme yearly to provide back-to-school items which may not be given by others.

???The hope is to continue the Back-to-School programme on an annual basis and provide items such as school bags, lunch bags and games shoes, which others do not provide. We know that most people are already receiving assistance with school uniforms and school shoes, so we do not want to replicate their efforts,??? she explained.

Noting that she funded this initial project alone, Ms. Gooding said that she hoped in the future to partner with members of the local entertainment industry and individuals across the diaspora to assist with that project and to develop others.

???We reached out to some of the Foreday Morning Jam Band leaders and they have consented, so if their contributions are made, they will be used in the next project which we are looking to launch called Healthy Hearts,??? she added.

Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, who facilitated the presentation, noted that the Ministry appreciated the support given by individuals and agencies who sought to assist the island???s children.

He further praised Ms. Gooding for ???coming up with the idea to provide backpacks and other school supplies for the children,??? adding, ???the Ministry of Education fully appreciates the support because we cannot do it alone ??? we cannot do it from headquarters, we cannot do it from the schools, it has to be a collective effort in terms of parents, guardians and others in the community, to ensure that the Barbados brand remains excellent,??? Mr. King asserted.

Adorial Maxwell-Hazell of Precious Touch Foundation Inc. and Donnah Russell of Variety, The Children???s Charity were on hand to receive the donations along with recipients Allan James and Janica Moore.


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