Minister of Commerce, Senator Haynesley Benn, cutting the ribbon to open the Science Fair with the assistance of pupil Ashley Fenty. (N. Hutchinson/BGIS)

Students of the People’s Cathedral Primary School have been lauded for their dedication to science.

This was underscored by Commerce Minister, Senator Haynesley Benn, as he delivered an address and viewed displays at their 7th Annual Science Fair, held today, at the School’s Bishop Court Hill location.

"I am impressed that a primary level institution of learning such as yours has placed such importance in the dissemination of science and technology information to your young students, their parents and the wider community," the Minister said.

He highlighted the ongoing efforts to encourage engagement in science throughout society, via the work of the National Council for Science and Technology. The Commerce Minister also mentioned the four-day biennial exposition which showcases youth innovation, the SciTechXpo; the Science and Technology Summer Camp which offers hands-on learning for primary school children; and the current Schools’ Science Lecture Series and Debating Competition for secondary and tertiary institutions, which will have its final round next week.??

The Senator gave global examples of nations whose focus on science and technology (S&T) had led to national development; providing a sterling model for others to follow.

"There are several examples of countries that have developed quickly and substantially through using the opportunities provided by science and technology principles. Nations such as Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia have improved their economies because they have all made it a policy to embrace science and technology in all areas of national development. The results are there for all to see and to copy."

Several presentations highlighted the importance of science, including a speech on backyard gardening by student William Gordon; an experiment on homemade lip gloss by Tiffany Roach; while Britney Brimmer demonstrated her theory on whether solid ice or melted ice consumed more space.

???Illness: How it Affects School Attendance’, was a group project from six class 4 students – Jonathan Layne, Omari Roach, Joshua Walker, Luke West, Ramain Goodridge and Jonathan Waterman. Their findings revealed the crucial factors necessary for ensuring a healthy home and school, such as reducing the presence of dust mites and combating the breeding of mosquitos; to what students can do to reduce the incidence of sickness, such as improving hand washing practices and taking vitamins.

Eleven year old Jonathan Layne, displayed his backyard hydroponic system; while his eight year-old brother, Nathaniel Layne, also showcased his skills by making recycled paper. Other displays covered the gamut of possibilities, from lava lamps to dyed flowers.

Mr. Benn also made a donation to the school, and encouraged them to continue in the vain of innovation and excellence.

The winners of the science fair are expected to be announced next week.??

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