???Tourists’ for a day is what some students at the Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School will become next week, when they visit one of the leading hotels on the island.

As part of a project to acquaint students in the five to six age group with the tourism product, the school will take over 80 of them to the Divi Southwinds Hotel, Christ Church on Wednesday, November 21 and Thursday, November 22.

According to Senior Teacher, Heather Cave, the infants will be given the opportunity to interact with not only tourists but various players in the hotel and tourism sector.

"They will be able to see the staff such as housekeeping personnel, bar staff, chefs, managers, groundsmen and taxi drivers doing their various areas of work and realise that all workers are important in tourism," Mrs. Cave said.

She added that the theme this term for Social Studies is Sharing Our Beautiful Island: People In Tourism and a number of activities have been planned for the children.

The teacher of Infants AC said: "We are asking parents and guardians to be part of their child or ward’s learning by taking them to Oistins early on Friday or Saturday evening so that the child can observe how locals and tourists interact; see the fish fryers and craftspersons, among others.

"Children have also been given the task of interviewing a tourist: at a hotel, on the beach, or while out shopping. Information about the visitor will be collected, for example, on the country in which the tourist lives and what he or she likes about Barbados. They must also take a photograph with the visitor showing that interaction has occurred between both parties."

Under the supervision of parents the child will record the information and submit it as a project.

Meanwhile, the students of this same age group will participate in Tourism Week which runs from December 9 to 15, under the theme Achieving Success Through Service Excellence.

The Government Hill School, located near the Ministry of Tourism, will join top officials and others on Sunday, December 9, in worship at the United Holy Church of America, Mount Olive Carrington Village, St. Michael.

The Church Service will mark the start of Tourism Week.


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