Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has called on Barbadian students to find their strengths and aptitudes and do their best at school.

Mr. Stuart said there was no room in this world today for those who were interested in mediocrity. ???The name of the game is excellence and in whatever you do, whatever your passion may be, pursue excellence, aim to be the best because that matters,??? he stated.

He expressed the words of encouragement as students across the country settled down to a new academic year which started on Monday, September 9.

The Prime Minister noted that Barbados and the Caribbean had some good examples of people who became the best in their sphere of life. ???We did not create the game of cricket, but we produced the best cricketer the world has ever seen. We here in the Caribbean did not create track and field, but this region has now produced the fastest man and the fastest woman in the world. We have created the art form calypso in another part of this region, and produced the best calypsonian in the world. We have also produced some of the best literary giants you could find anywhere in the world,??? he contended.

He said education should teach children how to respect themselves and others. ???It should also give you a sure hold on life, to help you when you are confronted with life???s many challenges, to know how to dissect those challenges, how to confront them and how to solve them, that is what education should do for you,??? he pointed out.

Mr. Stuart proffered the view that education was about problem-solving, and disclosed that he and his colleagues across the region were concerned that the education system was producing a large number of young people with qualifications, but not as many problem-solvers, as they would wish. ???If education does not help you to master your environment then that education counts for nothing,??? he opined.

He urged students never to forget their Creator, but to put Him in front in all things. ???He has given you a whole world which you can conquer???Your brain is as good as the brain of anybody else anywhere in the world. And, therefore, if you set your sights to achieve anything, you can attain it, as long as you have the discipline and the stamina to pursue your goals. Be prepared to use your brains to reach the top, not just here in Barbados, but the top any other part of the world,??? Mr. Stuart said.

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