Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley. (FP)

Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley, has advised students of the St. John’s Primary graduating class of 2017 to choose their steps wisely.

He gave the students this advice yesterday during their graduation ceremony, held at the Messiah’s House Wesleyan Holiness Church, Messiah Street, St. John.

Mr. Lashley noted that as the students were at a “critical stage” in life, they needed to be aware that their decisions would have major consequences.

“I do not wish to scare you, but I have to advise you that the decisions you make in the next five years will have either a positive or negative impact on the remainder of your life.

“In this regard, you are not too young, in my view, to start thinking seriously about your future and about what you wish to do with the rest of your life,” he advised.

With pitfalls such as casual sex, alcohol and recreational drugs being common challenges faced by students as they continue to progress through life, Mr. Lashley urged them to beware of the things that could destroy them and prevent them from fulfilling their dreams.

“Ask many questions before you act and seek advice from your parents or your guardians or your pastor or teachers. I want to implore you to have a firm spiritual foundation… all of this will keep you grounded and will uplift you when all else fails,” he advised.

Further encouraging the students to “stay focused” as they continued to put in the necessary work to achieve their goals, Mr. Lashley cautioned: “You cannot expect to do well at secondary school by only putting in 50 per cent. This type mentality is a certain recipe for disaster.”

During the graduation ceremony, Mr. Lashley also launched the William and Verona Lashley Charitable Foundation, which was formed in the memory of his parents.

This Foundation will raise funds and solicit donations to provide support and assistance to young Barbadians. Its initial focus will be on those from St. John’s Primary and Vauxhall Primary School in Christ Church.

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