Don???t drop out; stay the course!

That was the advice from Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, to students already enrolled at the University of the West Indies??? Cave Hill Campus.

He was speaking today during a meeting with scholarship and exhibition winners, which was held in the Ministry???s Conference Room, Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael.

Acknowledging that the adjustment in fees meant that not everyone would be able to meet the payments on their own, the Minister however implored existing students to make use of the resources available to them so that they could complete their studies.

???We have the Student Revolving Loan Fund???you do not have to make repayments during the course of study and you have an additional year before you have to make repayments. Use those systems, they are there for you,??? he advised.

Mr. Jones also stated that the Ministry had implemented a new policy whereby persons would be able to borrow up to BDS$50,000 without needing guarantors or security. ???We are doing everything possible; do not stop your studies, it is important to you, your family and your country,??? he added.

The Education Minister also had some advice for the scholarship and exhibition winners, whom he urged to stay focused on deliverables. ???Continue to do well and continue to have your goals marked out in front of you???Those of you who are going off to study remember that wherever Barbadian students go, they always operate at the top of their class. You carry our flag and as ambassadors of our country we expect you to keep that flag flying high,??? he said.

Mr. Jones also encouraged persons studying overseas to return home to utilise their skills in uplifting their country. ???We always encourage persons to return home to assist in building Barbados; we need a lot more building??? of our country,??? he noted.

Fourteen scholarships and 22 exhibitions were awarded this year. Harrison College received seven of the scholarships, with Kristi Brewster, Shawn Clarke, Philippe Forde, Ninon Foster-Chee-a-Tow, Natasha Rouse, Todd Lavine and Regina Young being awarded. That school also earned five exhibitions, which went to Asia Blackman, Dario Clarke, Rheanne Ince, Charice Marshall and Brendon Taylor.

Six students from Queen???s College were awarded scholarships. These are: Kerrie Barker, Chelcee Brathwaite, Amina Desai, Elizabeth Gill, Gabriella Gill and Avery Kellman.

Queen???s College also received the majority of exhibitions with 16 students being awarded. These are: Dana Bayley, Shanelle Brathwaite, Rashida Carter, Tawnya Forde, Adriana Gooding, Roneisha Goodridge, Dominique Harris, Rebecca Harris, Richelle Haynes, Daneisha Holder, Rebecca King, Jessica Marshall, Nathan Parris, Leah Taylor, Melanie Taylor-John and Kimberley Yearwood.

One student from the Christ Church Foundation School, Cheryse Greenidge, was also awarded a scholarship, while Janiel Odle of the Barbados Community College received an exhibition.

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