Winners of the first prize in the 2008 Christmas Postcard Competition, Nareesa Lynch and Shaphan Miller of St. Paul’s Primary, receive their award from Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy.

The future of tourism depends on the level of appreciation shown by our children.

This was the underlying theme of remarks by Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, as he addressed the presentation ceremony to award primary school students, who participated in the 2008 Christmas Postcard Competition, held today, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, at Two Mile Hill.

Minister Sealy, outlining the significance of tourism said: “I think it is important that we do all that we can to increase the levels of appreciation for the tourism sector and its importance to our community – both from the economic and the social point of view. If we are going to cement an appreciation for the critical importance that tourism plays in the life of Barbados, then we need to do so when we are at our most impressionable stages and that is why it is important that we work with the primary school students.”

Students also heard from Minister Sealy that Barbados offered some very special experiences where visitors often returned, made it a second home and “had some long relationships where they stayed for extended periods”. 

He added: “And, if we are to continue to make sure that this very unique and special experience that we offer as a destination is to continue, then our children have to appreciate it.”

The children and their teachers were commended for their efforts at ensuring that the Tourism Ministry was able to have a unique competition where young children designed Christmas Postcards.

The first prize in the 2008 Christmas Postcard Competition went to two students from St. Paul’s Primary – Nareesa Lynch and Shaphan Miller – who were presented with certificates bearing the design of the Xmas postcard on which they collaborated.

Shannon-Rene Husbands from The People’s Cathedral won the second prize, while the third prize and the most interesting submission came from a group of five students, also from the People’s Cathedral, who worked on their submission with teacher, Ms.  Evelyn Gragirena. They were Whitney Williams; Adella Lewis; Destini Clarke; Deborah Rowe and Rachel Browne. 

The Minister’s Special awards went to Dylan Quintyne of Belmont Primary and Melanie Sealy from the Luther Thorne Memorial Primary.

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