Some school children have been encouraged to assist their parents to reduce their high electricity bills.

Chairperson of the St. Joseph Independence Committee, Caroline Woodroffe-Holder, recently told the students of the Grantley Adams Memorial School that if they got into the practice of turning off lights and electrical appliances when they were not in use, they too would benefit from the savings that would be realised by their parents.

Mrs. Woodroffe-Holder’s comments were made during the launch of the 2011 parish project, which is aimed at helping residents in St. Joseph lower their energy/electricity consumption, and by extension, reduce the amount of money they spend monthly on electricity bills.

As part of the launch, outgoing Ambassador for 2010, Jamar Mayers, also addressed the audience and urged the students to support the programme, which he acknowledged, contributed significantly to his own personal development. He pledged his continued support for the programme and promised to make himself available to the new ambassadors.

Mr. Mayers formally passed the baton to new ambassadors Olivia Hoyte and Ramon Chase.

Author: CICS/Sharon Austin-Gill-Moore

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