Minister of Education Ronald Jones

As many Barbadians anxiously await the return of the results of the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination, commonly known as the Eleven Plus, Education Minister, Ronald Jones is urging parents to impress on their children the importance of doing their best at whatever school they are allocated.

According to Mr. Jones, learning is not dependent on the school attended. ???Emphasis should not be on the school attended??? children can learn wherever they go to school. They must, however, be sure to avoid corrupting influences and stay focused,??? he stressed.

Minister Jones also expressed concern over the number of parents that sought to get transfers for their children, following receipt of the Eleven Plus results. ???Last year we had close to 400 parents seeking transfers. I am hoping that by and large, this year, parents will stay connected to their choices,??? the Education Minister stated.

This year saw approximately 3600 students sitting the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination; 1787 females and 1813 males.

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