Primary and secondary school students across Barbados were today reminded to maintain positive attitudes as a foundation for future success.

These words of encouragement came from Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, in his message to mark World Teachers’ Day 2010, which is being recognised as part of the Ministry’s Education Month activities.

He urged them to keep the theme of the month "Embracing a Positive Attitude: The Impetus of Achievement" in mind through each stage of their lives, stating:?? "If you are in a primary school, the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE) is your future doorway to the next stage of your journey towards quality education. If you have passed this stage, good Caribbean Examination Council grades must be the catalyst to a fulfilling career and a satisfying life.?? Now is the time to work hard and develop that positive attitude".

The Education Minister also told pupils to aim for excellence academically, not only to satisfy their parents and guardians, but to guarantee themselves a good life as independent adults. "Remember, there are many, many areas in which you can achieve excellence. Do not let your failure or under-performance in one area prevent you from being a success in another.?? Sometimes success in one area can help to develop the qualities and winning attitude necessary to achieve in other endeavours.

"Always be positive about yourself when you speak and how you behave.?? If you are negative, it causes others to lose faith in you; you also lose faith in yourself…your attitude is contagious … so predict good fortune for yourself and others and it will come true.?? Be positive, act and think positively and you can conquer," he advised.

The Minister further cautioned children to be wary of imported cultures which promoted attitudes of indifference to education and disrespect to people and institutions.?? He instead counselled them to talk to older persons and to learn from their attitude of perseverance.

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