Over 500 primary school students are now more aware of the dangers of drugs, gambling, bullying, wandering and other risky behaviours.

This occurred recently during a motivational seminar for 11+ students to sensitise them about negative behaviours with which they may be confronted as they make the transition into secondary schools. It was organised by the National Task Force on Crime Prevention.

Under the theme: In the Winners’ Circle: Making the Right Choice!, the one-week course encouraged primary school students in the north of the island, to adopt positive attitudes with respect to their sexuality. Participants were also educated about how to resolve conflicts.??

Students were also advised to make the most of the opportunities available at secondary school, as a way of helping them to become productive citizens in the future.

Facilitators included Community Officers from the Royal Barbados Police Force (Northern Zone’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Kerriann Hurley of the Barbados Family Planning Association; Sharil Sealy, Virtues Project; motivational speaker, Toney Olton; and members of Youth Advocacy.

It was conceptualised by Magistrate Barbara Cooke-Alleyne as one way of assisting young people who may be swayed by negative peer pressure as a result of low self esteem.

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