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Secondary school students are being urged to use their electronic gadgets to move them closer to their future goals.

This advice came from Chairman of the Child Care Board, Kenneth Knight, as he addressed a cyber abuse and cyberbullying workshop entitled: Hooked on Clicking, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last Friday.

The seminar, which was hosted in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund, was the third in a series of educational workshops targeting secondary schools students. It focused on educating them on the impact of cyber abuse and cyberbullying, and how to respond in such a situation as a victim or a friend.

“This workshop is indeed timely and provides an excellent opportunity for you, the secondary students, gathered here to express your views on a topic that has caught the attention of the nation and the world in general.

“You will receive information in a variety of forms, and I would like to encourage you to become actively involved in all of the day’s proceedings as it is through your participation that you will receive knowledge,” Mr. Knight stated.

The Chairman also urged the students to take heed to how posting inappropriate materials and information about themselves or others could make them a “victim by your own actions”.

Students from Parkinson Memorial, Springer Memorial, Graydon Sealy, Combermere, Queen’s College, Harrison College, St. George Secondary, Lester Vaughn and Metropolitan High secondary schools attended the workshop.


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