Acting Minister of Tourism, Senator Haynesley Benn (FP)????

The Ministry of Tourism will be undertaking a study on the link between sports and tourism to assist technocrats in formulating the requisite policies, to drive this niche area forward.

Acting Minister of Tourism, Senator Haynesley Benn, highlighted the importance of such an initiative, while delivering the feature address at the inaugural Horse Racing Ambassadors of Barbados Awards.?? The event took place at Hilton Barbados, last Friday.

He said: "The study aims to develop a clear policy for the implementation of the sports tourism initiatives that will deliver the greatest benefit to the country in terms of parameters, such as the generation of employment, the earning of foreign exchange and the strengthening of potential business opportunities, among others.?? This study will be undertaken with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Youth, Family and Sports, the National Sports Council, various sporting organisations and other concerned agencies."

Senator Benn further stated: "Those persons who work closely with the coordination of sporting activity understand that while many see this field of endeavour as straightforward and simple, the truth is, a successful sports product calls for cogent and well-financed planning and efficient execution."

The Acting Minister of Tourism acknowledged that Barbados was already on the right track with its sports tourism thrust given the island’s size and limited resources. "We understand that by leveraging those resources to the maximum, we can open the doors of opportunity that allow our sports men and women to grasp their chance at sporting glory and to receive their well-deserved reward," Mr. Benn underlined.

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