Families seeking to purchase homes through Government’s Housing Every Last Person (H.E.L.P) Programme can now apply to receive assistance in the form of BDS $10,000, which is available through the New Homes Programme (NHP), a sub-component of the Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme (HNUP).??

The Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme (HNUP) is a BDS $80 million project, which is jointly funded by the Government of Barbados (GOB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).??

The NHP sub-component, valued at BDS $4 million, will provide 400 subsidies to low-income families applying for housing solutions under the Housing Every Last Person (H.E.L.P) Programme. A subsidy of BDS $10,000 will be paid on behalf of the applicant to the specific financial institution where the applicant would have negotiated his/her mortgage.

Applicants applying to this programme should be citizens of Barbados; have a monthly combined income of BDS $3,250 or less, must not have benefitted from any previous housing assistance; must be a first time homeowner with neither applicant nor co-applicant owning existing property.?? In addition, the applicant must be able to secure the required complementary funding which must be pre-approved by a financial institution and must have been allocated a housing solution not exceeding BDS $130,000 through Government’s Housing Every Last Person (H.E.L.P) Programme.

The NHC is in the process of commencing construction of starter homes at Lancaster 1 and 2, St. James and Woodbourne and Parish Land, St. Philip.

Persons interested in this programme can obtain additional information from the Project Office of the HNUP at the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Urban and Rural Development, Country Road, St. Michael at 620-3621/30.


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