Over 200 individuals are expected to experience the new South Coast Board Walk that extends from the Coconut Court Hotel to Accra Beach Hotel, tomorrow, Saturday, January 31.

This is when they take the guided Sundown Beach Walk, hosted by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU).

Tourism Development Officer, Eleanor Jordan, acknowledging that the walk was oversubscribed, said: “With over 80 persons having experienced Tourism in the Gully, at Welchman Hall Gully, last weekend, we are expecting an even larger turnout.

“We are aware that it is already in heavy use and this tells us that Barbadians and our visitors alike are really yearning for open spaces. By the end of the beach walk, they will be aware of the work undertaken by the CZMU to preserve the coastal environment, since this is critical to the sustainability of our tourism product.”

Mrs. Jordan also added that it was hoped that patrons would come to understand and appreciate the marine and coastal environments and the importance of not removing the coastal vegetation.

The tour also guarantees that patrons will know the hotels and beaches on the South Coast.  It is open to locals and visitors and starts at 3:15 p.m., from Browne’s Beach, where the CZMU is located. Buses will be provided, for patrons with tickets, from Accra Beach, where the tour ends, back to the CZMU car park.

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