Press Conference at COVID-19 Update feat. the Hon. Santia Bradshaw

Press Conference at COVID-19 Update feat. the Hon. Santia Bradshaw

Posted by Barbados Government Information Service on Tuesday, April 7, 2020
A COVID-19 update featuring Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw – April 7, 2020. (PMO)

Barbadians can expect that supermarket workers will be taking the necessary precaution against the transmission of COVID-19.

This was made clear by the Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw during a press conference that updated media representatives on a new regime that includes online and curb side accessibility to supermarkets, expected to go into effect from tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, with the elderly and other vulnerable groups in mind.

The Acting Prime Minister, queried as to whether there may be legislation that might be necessary for some form of hazard allowance for such workers, said: “We’ve indicated to all of the persons in the private sector, all of the supermarket owners that they can take the necessary precautions to provide their respective workers with certainly a mask, a cloth mask.  We’ve said before that we are permitting the use of masks for those individuals; we reserve the N95 for the frontline workers.”

Further explaining, Ms. Bradshaw said: “We will, and we have asked them to take the necessary precautions to protect persons, which is why we have insisted equally on the social distancing, and we’ve been in a lot of discussions with even the police force as well as the various retailers to ensure that those protocols are put in place outside of the premises, because for the most part, many of the operators have actually been compliant inside of the supermarkets, but we’ve had to do a lot of logistical arrangements to be able to ensure that that social distancing continues on the outside because our priority is first and foremost to ensure that our workers are protected.”


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