Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones??

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, believes that young people who engage in sports must be supported since this plays an integral part in their development.

The Minister was, at the time, addressing the Finals of The Pine Hill Dairy National Primary Schools Athletics Championships (NAPSAC) held at the National Stadium, Waterford, today.?? He expressed pleasure at the participation of 52 schools in the competition and disclosed that he was filled with pride recently when, online, he saw some of the young athletes displaying their tremendous talents.??

Noting that sponsors, coaches, athletes and parents would share similar sentiments, he said:?? "I am sure that so many of you are proud of the display of their athletic prowess on the track and on the field. We must continue to support our young people in their various endeavours; but it takes good adult persons to guide good young people in the classroom and out on the field of play."

As he thanked sponsors for their continued support of the "good collaboration" between the National Sports Council and the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), the football enthusiast and former educator told the gathering: "I look forward to the best athletes of the day being successful and to the clean passing of the baton."??

Meanwhile, President of the BUT, Karen Best, in congratulating NAPSAC, on reaching 10 years, said: "The road so far has not been a smooth one but those involved have stuck to the task and have realised an entity which has surpassed all expectations."

Acknowledging too that she was heartened to see young athletes showcasing their talents at the zone meets and semi-finals this year, Mrs. Best added: "With what many have deemed a substandard track our young athletes have been posting some very good times, jumps and throws." Mrs. Best recalled that there was an instance this year where some 15 records were broken at one zone meet. "This is a clear indication that the schools and the athletes are taking NAPSAC seriously."

Spectators were commended on their "exemplary" behaviour, by Mrs. Best, while sponsors heard that their money was well spent and were urged to continue supporting the young students.?? Of the athletes, she said: "I have observed students helping each other mark their run-up and congratulating each other on good jumps and throws."

The NAPSAC Finals saw some 2,048 athletes from 52 primary schools competing in various track and field events.

West Terrace Primary School took the boys and girls titles.


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