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Public officers will be given necessary information to better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic when the webinar – Surfing the Waves of Change – is held this Friday, May 29, via ZOOM.

The COVID-19 EQ Response Webinar is being hosted by the Learning and Development Directorate of the Ministry of Public Service and will be presented by Director of The Potter’s Centre, Tony Olton.

He is expected to address such questions as: What am I feeling? What are my choices? What do I want? and Why an EQ Framework?

From this discussion, public officers are expected to develop the awareness, confidence, framework and tools to successfully navigate the disruption and uncertainty being experienced as a result of the virus. They will also receive help in preparing psychologically for the new realities being faced in the ‘new normal’.

Those officers interested in participating in the webinar should complete and submit the online registration by Wednesday, May 27, or email queries to LD@mps.gov.bb.  Details for joining the webinar will be forwarded by May 28.


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