The 2016 Barbados Survey of Living Conditions has concluded and the consultants are now processing and analysing the data.

This disclosure has come from acting Director of the Barbados Statistical Service, Aubrey Browne, who was hopeful that the process would be completed shortly.

“We expect the consultants to give us some feedback by April and that a report will be prepared on the living conditions of Barbadians by the middle of the year,” he disclosed.

Mr. Browne described the survey as an extremely useful tool that would provide decision-makers with the relevant data to make important choices for citizens.

“The household survey is expected to provide country-level information on several key welfare measures such as consumption and income levels, children’s wellbeing, education, health and housing.

“It will help in the revision of the Retail Price Index to enable a better estimation of country-level inflation. It will also assist in designing better targeted mechanisms for social programmes and improving the measurement of poverty and inequality in Barbados. The survey will help policymakers effect decisions which will benefit Barbados as it moves forward” Mr. Browne stressed.

The year-long survey was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.


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