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Barbadians and permanent residents 18 years old and over are encouraged to participate in a local independent survey entitled: COVID-19 and a New Vaccine: The Barbadian Perspective.

It is being conducted by Dr. Stephanie Date, a PhD student in Pharmacology at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus; Dr. Jordan Fakoory, Dr. Kimberley Banfield and Mr. Christopher Laurie.

The aim of the survey is to assess the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions surrounding COVID-19 and the AstraZeneca vaccine among Barbadians.

The information collected could benefit Barbadians, healthcare systems and population health by attaining new knowledge that could assist the Ministry of Health and Wellness in defining or adjusting public policy and communication strategies. 

The findings will also highlight any obstacles which may prevent people from receiving or refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, or adequate information surrounding the vaccine or the virus. And, it could help guide public health reform should there be future pandemics, vaccines or policies.

Persons interested in taking part in the survey may do so by clicking here

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