A survey on the living conditions in Barbados will soon be undertaken.

This disclosure has come from Acting Director of the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS), Aubrey Browne, who said the survey would be conducted from Monday, February 1, 2016, to January 31, 2017.

The 2016 Barbados Survey of Living Conditions is being executed by the BSS in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank.

Mr. Browne explained that the household survey would provide country-level information on several key welfare measures such as consumption and income levels, gender inclusion, children???s wellbeing, education, health and housing.

He continued: ???The survey will provide key information to policymakers and decision makers, which they can use for several purposes. It will help in updating the Retail Price Index to enable a better estimation of country-level inflation. It will also assist in designing better targeted mechanisms for social programmes and improving the measurement of poverty and inequality in Barbados.???

He insisted that the information to be provided by the public would be treated confidentially. Only aggregated data, he stressed, which would not allow for the identification of individuals, would be published.

Mr. Browne pointed out that all interviewers and supervisors would carry photo identifications and urged members of the public to cooperate in this major effort, which would provide updated and high quality information.

During the first two weeks of the survey, enumerators will visit the St. Michael districts of Jackson Terrace (Stages 1 and 2), Eagle Hall, Greaves Land, Gills Gap, Alkins Land, Kingston Terrace, My Lord???s Hill and Licorish Village.

They will also go to Montrose Gardens, Silver Hill, Green Hill Drive, Fairy Valley Tenantry and Holbourne Terrace, in Christ Church; as well as Monroe Road, Haynes Hill and Hanson Heights, St. George.

The St. Philip areas of Harrismith, Hampden Drive, Long Bay Village and Castle Terrace; and Wakefield Tenantry, Wilson Hill, and Lemon Arbor Village, in St. John, will be visited.

They will also travel to Husbands Gardens, St. James; Fryer Hill, Rock Hall Tenantry and Content Development, in St. Thomas; Mount All, White Hill, Hillaby and Friendship, St. Andrew; and Clinketts, Half Moon Fort, Fustic Village, and Sutherland Hill, in St. Lucy.


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