Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley

The new pavilion at Greens, St. George has been built at a cost of $1.68 million and Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, has urged residents in the area to take care of it.

While delivering the feature address at the official opening of the Pavilion and Resource Centre last evening, Mr. Lashley told his audience: "We are aware that across Barbados, once facilities are developed, there is a tendency to deface them.

"Once we have expended that money we have to move on and spend on others that require further development…There are communities scattered across St. George and we have to build other facilities to ensure that persons don’t have to journey too far to engage in sporting and recreational needs… I want to implore this community and the rest of Barbados to take care of these facilities once we have constructed them."

Mr. Lashley promised that the National Sports Council (NSC) would institute a maintenance programme for the pavilion and grounds. "However, this is your facility and you must do your part to make sure that it is adequately preserved. In so doing, you will ensure that you derive the maximum benefits from this facility," he stated.

The Sports Minister also urged the users of the pavilion to undertake any minor repairs to ensure it was properly maintained. He added that the NSC was involved in upgrading a number of grounds and facilities across the island in an effort to develop sports, while restoring cohesiveness to communities.

Additionally, Mr. Lashley encouraged the residents to use the pavilion for cultural and other community-oriented activities. "This is particularly relevant at this time, when the Government is in the process of implementing the Cultural Industries Development legislation. It is critical that centres like these become the hub for cultural activities. In so ??doing, they will greatly facilitate the provision of opportunities for members of this community to earn a living, while being involved in gainful activity in the cultural sector," he observed.

Chairman of the NSC, Seibert Straughn, encouraged the community to use the facility extensively.??

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