COVID-19 update and press conference – May 6, 2021. (PMO)

Health and Wellness Minister Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic is urging all Barbadians to take the vaccine.

The appeal came today as he addressed a press conference at Ilaro Court where emphasis was on the issue of a COVID-19 case at the Princess Margaret Secondary School and a student from the St. George Primary School being in quarantine.

Reminding parents, teachers and the entire country that taking the vaccine would allow the country to be able to reach herd immunity, he stressed this was the ultimate of the public health measures “that we have introduced in this country, starting with hand sanitising and the wearing of masks and physical distancing and so on”.

Further acknowledging it was one measure that would give Barbados a level of sustainability in what it was doing, Minister Bostic said it would also allow the country to continue to reopen; have economic activity going again and get persons back to work.

“All of these things are very important because we also have to look at the psychosocial issues that things like lockdown all over the globe have caused and we have seen some impacts here in Barbados as well, and that is why we want to try as much as we can to get back to a state of normalcy; to allow us to do the things that we need to do to stop people from remaining at home, all the time, not working and so on,” the Health Minister explained.

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