Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George. (FP)

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George, is urging householders to take dengue fever prevention and control measures seriously.

Acknowledging that there is an outbreak every two to five years, the Acting Chief Medical Officer revealed that in October, the total levels were above the outbreak threshold, based on historical evidence for previous periods at that same time.

In November, Dr. George said, the figures were within the normal expected levels seen yearly, and health officials would monitor the trend in December, and monitor month to month, to “step back and make a determination as to where the outbreak is going”.

“Therefore, I would describe it as a stuttered outbreak, but that should not diminish what we should be trying to achieve. We are aware that there have been hospitalisations, and we have enhanced our doing of the PCR confirmatory test. We have in our possession many more confirmatory tests and not just probable or suspected cases. We continue to do enhanced fogging within the areas that have an increase in either mosquito sightings, breeding activities, or disease that is reported,” the Acting Chief Medical Officer stated.

During the Christmas period, Dr. George is encouraging Barbadians to heed the standard advice from health officials, including examining their surroundings once or twice a week to prevent mosquito breeding.

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