Chairman of the National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC), Henrick Ellis and Director of the NHAC, Jacqui Wiltshire Gaye at the Bay Street Esplanade at the culmination of the national HIV food drive, on Wednesday.??

Barbadians are being urged to take responsibility for their own sexual conduct to stop the spread of HIV.

This plea has come from Chairman of the National HIV/AIDS Commission, Dr. Henrick Ellis, as the National HIV/AIDS Commission wrapped up an island-wide HIV Drive-Thru and National Food Bank Drive on, World AIDS Day last Wednesday, at the Bay Street Esplanade.??

He noted that the virus would only be controlled if individuals changed risky behaviours.

"In order to lick HIV it is going to take every person being responsible for their own behaviour.?? It is not going to take Government or any organisation; it is going to take every person taking responsibility for their own sexual behaviour. Then the infection can’t spread, unless you are raped," Dr. Ellis emphasised.

While thanking the Commission’s many partners for their support and work on the day by offering voluntary counseling and testing, handing out condoms, memorabilia and information, Dr. Ellis also called for a human rights based approach to the care of those living with the disease.

"It doesn’t matter whether you like a person or appreciate or agree with their lifestyle, every human being is entitled to enjoy the same human rights.?? If we can understand and demonstrate that, all of this talk about stigma and discrimination… would go out the window," the Chairman stressed.????lbayley@barbados.gov.bb

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