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The public is invited to participate in the Public Sector Smart Energy Programme’s (PSSEP) Let’s Talk Energy online survey.

The programme, which is being executed under the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, is financed by a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank and grant resources from the European Union.

PSSEP’s Project Manager, Keisha Reid, stated: “The programme involves the implementation of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency technologies. Ultimately, the programme will reduce Barbados’ fossil fuel dependency; promote sustainable energy; and therefore contribute to the country’s competitiveness, as the country work towards the goal of 100 per cent renewable energy and carbon neutrality by the year 2030.”

Currently, the Ministry is developing a communication strategy for the sustainable energy uses in Barbados, and to learn more about how Barbadians view renewable energy generation and energy efficiency technologies, the online survey Let’s Talk Energy was created.  The survey may be found by clicking here.

The online survey will take about five minutes to complete, and three participants will have the opportunity to win a prize, which includes energy saving LED bulbs and a shopping voucher. 


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