Barbadians should soon know the findings of a task force on pricing which was set up last year by the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development.

The body was given a mandate to seek to: “determine what were the underlying causes for the escalation in commodity prices over time; develop a monitoring mechanism to be used by the Ministry and the general public; and create a long-term strategy for monitoring prices that would include all of the stakeholders considered to be important to the issue”.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs will host a media briefing on Monday, February 26, at the Savannah Hotel to discuss the findings of the task force.

Four departments, which fall under the control of the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development, will make presentations at the briefing.

A senior official at the Ministry noted that heads from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, the Office of Public Counsel and the Fair Trading Commission will speak to the issues: prices; trading standards; consumer protection issues; and the inquiry into the food distribution industry, respectively.


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