This school term, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is continuing its teacher evaluation process, which officially began in September last year.

According to Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer, Joy Gittens, the process which began with school principals and administration, had now moved to include the evaluation of teachers in the system. She was at the time speaking during a recent press conference at the Ministry of Education.

She also noted that the process was moving smoothly.?? "So far, we have not had any stumbling blocks, concerns or challenges to the process," Ms. Gittens said.

The teacher evaluation process is expected to represent a formal, structured and diagnostic procedure within a school’s programme, and it is aimed at benefiting and enhancing the teaching/learning process.

It is a system designed to replace the existing annual reports used throughout the public service, and should provide timely and accurate information about schools and teaching learning strategies, which should result in the improvement and dissemination of best practices.

Some pilots of the evaluation process have been completed already.


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