Twenty-five primary school teachers are set to leave the island on Sunday, July 7, to attend a 10-day workshop on Early Childhood Education, at Wheelock College, Boston.

The training is a prelude to a one-year postgraduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education which will be taught here to the special cohort by visiting professors from Boston. The certification programme will be delivered in collaboration with Erdiston Teachers??? Training College and the Barbados Community College.

Wheelock College is a highly ranked traditional teacher training institution. It is accredited as providing transformational education to
students passionate about making the world a better place, especially for children and families.

The vision of the institution states that: ???As we have since 1888, we contribute to the vitality of families, communities, and societies by educating students who are well prepared academically and as practitioners with real-world experience.???

The overseas travel and workshop are being funded by a grant from The Maria Holder Memorial Trust entitled Improving the Lives of Children and Families in Barbados.

The Trust is a charity which was founded by Christopher Holder, son of the late Maria Holder, and her son-in-law, Chester Brewster. Maria Holder made Barbados her home from 1978 until her death in February 2004.

It is the wish of Mr. Holder and Mr. Brewster to ensure that her vision is fulfilled through this charity bearing her name. The Maria Holder Memorial Trust promotes health care initiatives where appropriate, for children, the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable, to improve quality of life and advocate for healthy lifestyles. It also aims to assist with education and training, particularly for children and youth in vulnerable situations and the disabled; to assist with poverty alleviation for vulnerable people in difficult situations and to achieve its strategic goals of ensuring resources are deployed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and ethical behavior.

Currently, there are limited opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate training in Early Childhood Education in Barbados. Consequently, quality training must be accessed outside of the island or online.

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, considers the collaboration and training between Wheelock College and Barbados as vital to the development of specialised skill-sets across the education landscape.

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