Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones

Praise them! This call went out yesterday to the island’s teachers from Education Minister, Ronald Jones, who said students are in dire need of encouragement from their teachers.

Speaking at the annual Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony of the Grantley Adams Memorial School, Mr. Jones stressed the importance of continued support for the island’s children. “Let us look at what we are saying to our young people…let us commend them every day…each step of the way,” he urged.

The former teacher pointed to the significance of the role that teachers play in the lives of students and recommended that they use every available opportunity to commend them. “Let us celebrate them from the platform at prayers, so that they hear these positive messages from their year heads and from their principals. These are our sons and daughters and we must ensure that they are celebrated and not castigated,” he stressed.

While he is aware that “some of our young people do give problems”, Mr. Jones highlighted the role that adults played in creating those problems. “Some parents fail to show their children the right way… a better path. That is why some of them give trouble,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Education Minister urged the male students of the St. Joseph school, to be proud of their achievements. “Stand tall, don’t be afraid to use your intellect.  There is nothing wrong with exposing your talents,” he pointed out.

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