Tutors of Erdiston Teachers’ Training College with Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones (sixth left) and Chairman of the Board of Management, Professor Pedro Welch (seventh left ).??(G.Brewster/BGIS)

Teachers must use their humanity to make a difference!

This was acknowledged today by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, as he presented over 80 teachers with certificates for completing the 2012 Introductory Programme of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.

"You have the nation in your hands. But you alone can’t carry the burdens of a nation. It is impossible, don’t care how broad your shoulders are, how broad your back is; how much girth you carry as teachers you cannot carry the burdens of the nation alone," Mr. Jones reminded the teachers.

Pointing out that there were some who would argue that teachers should do all, the Education Minister stressed: "But you do all. Teachers do all in their powers and in their capacity to make a difference and sometimes without the kind of help that is necessary; the help of families, of parents, of fathers; of community; of administrators in their many forms and of policymakers."

Reiterating that it called for collaboration, Mr. Jones said, "What you can do is reach out into the homes of your children". He added that regardless of where children came from it was up to teachers to make that difference in preventing them from remaining there. "Too many teachers have contributed to people remaining where they came from," Mr. Jones said adding that children would learn so long as they were taught right from wrong.

"As long as you cater to their humanity; demonstrate love… and regard, they will gravitate towards you. ??Not because you are the best teacher in some discipline [or] in some subject but because they perceive you to be the best human being in the space that you occupy. They will come to you rather than their class teacher, subject teacher, Guidance Counsellor, Pastor or Reverend…" he stated.

Teachers were urged to go back into school and share what was taught, as well as to stay in contact with each other so that they could share, among other things, lesson plans.


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