Expanding the Technical skills of artisans and designers in Barbados and improving their product development is the focus of a delegation from Colombia on a three-day visit to the island.

The Colombian officials from the South-South Cooperation Department of the Ministry of External Relations of Colombia and the Artesanias de Colombia Corporation are conducting a diagnostic mission which includes discussions and training sessions with the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) staff and stakeholders.

Arrangements for a technical cooperation project between Barbados and Colombia for the strengthening of the local creative industries stem from a proposal put to the Government of Colombia in August last year by the Embassy of Barbados in Caracas and the BIDC.

The outstanding level of Colombian craftsmanship and the success which they have achieved in the artisanal sector are amongst the main considerations for targeting their expertise.

The Embassy of Barbados at Caracas is currently examining other market orientation activities between private sector stakeholders in Barbados and South America.??

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