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The United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP), Future of Tourism – Rethinking Tourism and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the time of COVID-19 Project (FUT-TOURISM), is offering persons in the tourism sector an opportunity to receive technical assistance and access to grant funding.

The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport is currently working in collaboration with the UNDP to invite small business persons who trade directly or indirectly with the tourism sector to submit applications for Component 2. 

This component provides technical support for MSMEs to retool and access markets within tourism value chains of the FUT-Tourism Project.

The component focuses on the development of environmentally sustainable value chains with an inclusive business approach, where MSMEs, women-owned businesses, producers, associations and cooperatives that operate either as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and/or commercial channels, receive the support required to adapt to the new market conditions.

Also under Component 2, selected MSMEs will receive tailored technical and financial assistance.

The UNDP, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies and Frankfurt School, has launched a sign-up call for Eastern Caribbean MSMEs within the tourism sector to apply for open training and mentoring.  

Applications are to be submitted online by clicking hereby May 28, 2021. For further information, interested persons may call Senior Tourism Officer, Jacqueline Pollard, at 535-7514, or email pollardj@tourism.gov.bb


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