The Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) will be temporarily relocated to the Antenatal Clinic on the ground floor of the hospital, from 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 14.

This is due to another series of scheduled electrical shutdowns which will take place from April 14 to 22, as the QEH continues its transfer of circuits for the Electrical Upgrade project.??

Director of Engineering Services at the QEH Paula Agbowu, said all of the services, including the asthma bay, would be moved to the temporary location. She added that access would be via the main entrance roadway, and entry through the glass doors of the Lions Caribbean Eye Care Centre.??

"Emergency ambulances will also be redirected to the temporary location for the anticipated 12 hours required for all circuits in that department to be transferred. Thereafter, the department will revert to its substantive space," Mrs. Agbowu explained.

Consultant head of the A&E, Dr. Chaynie Williams, gave the assurance that the department would continue to see and treat patients at the temporary site.

"All of the A&E services [will be moved to the new site] so that the care our patients receive will not be interrupted. The alternate area is much smaller than the actual A&E, so some delays may be expected," Dr. Williams noted.


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