The Black Rock Polyclinic is informing all applicants for temporary restaurant licences that they should comply with the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

Now that the Crop Over season has started, individuals are reminded that applications for a licence to operate should be made two weeks prior to the start of event, at the respective polyclinic in the catchment area.

Persons should also be familiar with the relevant regulations that govern that particular event.

When applying for a licence, patrons should inform the polyclinic of the place of food preparation (name and address) and the number of persons working at both the place of preparation and sale.

A menu of the food being offered for sale, a valid medical certificate for all food handlers, and if applicable, written permission from the owner(s) of the land where selling will occur, should also be provided.

Food handlers are also advised that they should be no smoking in the food preparation and service areas and no wearing of jewellery. They should also ensure that their clothing is clean and their hair is covered at all times.

Environmental health officers from the polyclinic will be visiting preparation and service areas to ensure that food handling practices are being observed.

Meanwhile, licences will be received on the day that applicants are rostered to view a food handling exhibition on the grounds of the Black Rock Polyclinic. The exhibition will run from Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 17.

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