Owners of food stalls and bars, who will be plying their trade at the Gold Cup on March 7 at the Garrison Savannah, are being advised by the Winston Scott Polyclinic that they must possess a temporary restaurant permit. This is required under the Health Services (Temporary Restaurants) Regulations Act, Cap. 44.

Principal Environmental Health Officer (Ag) at that polyclinic, Cameron Carrington said the licence should be acquired no later than Tuesday, March 3, in order ‘to facilitate the timely processing of the application, as well as to execute a thorough monitoring and surveillance of all premises and facilities where food for patrons will be prepared and stored’.

Individuals involved in food preparation, transportation, storage or serving food at these stalls and bars must also be in possession of a valid Medical Certificate of Health for the year 2009 and should submit it to the Environmental Health Officer, who may request it during routine visits to facilities.

The polyclinic further advises that under the Health Services (Restaurant) Regulation 3. (1) (b) a person may not operate a temporary restaurant unless he/she first obtains a permit from the Medical Officer of Health.

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