The Ministry of Housing and Lands is working in partnership with the Anglican Church to regularise tenantry lands, and develop any available lots for residential use. These, in turn, will be sold to qualified tenants at 10 cents a square foot.

This disclosure was made today by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Carson Browne, during site visits to the Glebe, St. George, and St. Ann’s in St. Joseph.

He noted that “over many years the government and church have worked together for the purpose of promoting church lands for residential youth”.

General Manager of the National Housing Corporation (NHC), Vincent Alleyne, who was also on the tour, explained that under the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act, once the lands were identified as tenantries, they would be sold at 10 cents per square foot.

Under the Act, five or more occupied lots constitute a tenantry, and persons who have resided on tenantry lands for five years or more are eligible to purchase them at 10 cents per square foot.

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