Bathsheba – one of the ??popular??landmarks in St. Joseph

The contributions made by various residents in St. Joseph to the parish’s development will be highlighted.

As part of the St. Joseph Parish Independence Committee’s project, The A-Z of Josephine Legacies: Crafting and Budding Our Communities, residents are being invited to nominate persons who have made a difference in a number of areas. They are: agriculture, education, fishing, entrepreneurship, health, legal service, religion, sport, and community service, among others.

Nomination forms should be collected from the St. Joseph Post Office, the Tamarind Hall Branch Library or any member of the Parish Independence Committee. Nominees must, among other things, be residents of St. Joseph and have had a notable impact, which must be clearly stated and identified, on their community or parish.

For additional information on the nomination process persons should contact Edwin Green at 823-3339, Corlette Kellman at 233-0729 or the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat at 436-9660 or 427-6675.


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