Chairman of the St. Michael South Central Constituency Council, Jeff Shepherd, presents a cheque to Manager of the HIV/AIDS Food Bank, Donna Barker. (N. Hutchinson/BGIS)??

The presentation of a cheque from St. Michael South Central Constituency Council Chairman, Jeff Shepherd to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank Manager, Donna Barker, turned into a call for more Barbadians to lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

The donation was the proceeds from the Looking Back at Sodom play, which the Council and the Ministry of Tourism hosted on June 17 and 18.?? Mr. Shepherd revealed that the play had been the Council’s first official activity and had been chosen for its topical nature and the positive impact it could have on those who attended the event.

He noted that the message of Looking Back at Sodom – which takes a satirical look at HIV/AIDS, prostitution and issues which affect youth – needed to be shared in urban and rural areas across the country.

"The play is rustic, it’s down to earth…[those who attended] want them to do it again and carry it to schools – that was one of the main things that came out of the discussion [following the play]," Mr. Shepherd remarked.

The Chairman added that food stuff donations were also gathered during the play, and these would soon be delivered to the Bank. ??However, he lamented that more people needed to be aware of the HIV/AIDS Food Bank and to understand that not only companies, but individuals could make worthwhile contributions.

Ms. Barker agreed that greater involvement was crucial and pointed out that while they were grateful for the donations received, their clientele was growing.?? She outlined that with some donations either unusable or expired, monetary donations proved invaluable, as this allowed the purchase of essential items, such as rice, canned meats, fish and peas, eggs, ground provisions, toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant.

She revealed that persons had been turned away because of the lack of goods on site and encouraged organisations and persons to sign on to the Adopt-A-Shelf programme, which would see the contribution of a particular product on a monthly basis.??

The Food Bank Manager explained that perishable items were also a welcome addition to their inventory. For example this week somebody gave a bag of breadfruits, which clients were very grateful for," Ms. Barker said.??

For additional information on how to make contributions, contact the HIV/AIDS Food Bank at 467-9399.


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