Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Patrick Todd (at left) posing with the graduating class?? and Principal of Beckles Primary School (at far right), Marselle??Callender. ??

Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Patrick Todd, has reiterated the need for students to be persistent in their quest to achieve personal and academic excellence.

He made this observation last Wednesday, while addressing the?? graduation ceremony of Beckles Primary School, at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre, Country Road, St. Michael.

Mr. Todd emphasised that perseverance was critical to building a strong character that was "worthy of emulation" by one’s peers.

The Minister of State implored the students not to give up when confined with challenges. "Never let failure prevent you from achieving and fulfilling your destiny in life.?? The journey of life is tough, but, you are indeed capable of overcoming its challenges.?? You may fail on a given day, however, as long as you persevere, you are sure to be successful in the future," Mr. Todd surmised.

Principal, Marselle Callender, in her report, urged parents to implement strict?? controls to keep children "the straight and narrow path."

She reasoned that parents needed to spend more quality time with their children and attend parent teacher association meetings in order to keep track of their?? progress.

"You will have to make some tough decisions because the elements in society, who mean to destroy, are not prepared to destroy themselves only… they want to take some victims along with them.

"Your child has just completed the first phase; you [parents] need to start now to prepare to help these children along.?? The next phase they are approaching will test you, as much as it will test them.?? The demands are going to be greater and they will certainly need your guidance and protection," Ms. Callender warned.

The principal also advised the parents to pay their school fees on time, limit their child’s cellular phone ownership and ensure their children are spiritually guided.

Ms. Callender urged the graduands to choose their friends wisely on entering?? school in September.

Beckles Primary School, formerly called Daisley’s Elementary School, was founded by Shannah Daisley, to promote the welfare and education of students with learning difficulties as a result of dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.?? It also caters to mainstream students.

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