The significance of and impact of HIV and AIDS was brought to the fore with the use of drama, when the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry???s Bridgetown Alive concept came to a thrilling climax.

The event, which was held in The City, last Thursday, was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Tourism and Cross Caribbean Productions. It was designed to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS through the use of drama and the importance of Historic Bridgetown to the island???s heritage tourism offerings.

Led by the Pompesetters tuk group, patrons moved from Shepherd???s Street, (???Rockers Alley???) between Cave Shepherd and Norman Centre, inside Cave Shepherd and outside Republic Bank, to get a glimpse of the action and to gather useful information at the same time.

They were treated to performances by Stage 1 Theatre Productions, whose piece entitled: Can a Woman???s Tender Care Cease Towards the Child She Bears?, depicted the impact of the virus on families and the need to take care of each other during such situations.

Shoestring Productions brought a Caribbean twist to the Greek myth, Atalanta, to sensitise patrons about the impact of HIV and AIDS; while Light House Productions, used the game show concept entitled: It???s on when it???s on, to reinforce the need to use protection to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, the National Assistance Board???s HIV Drama Group who performed under Kick Dust Productions, portrayed the realities of the elderly contracting HIV.???? ??

Producer of the event, Cecily Spencer-Cross, said the outdoor theatre-styled event was well received in terms of achieving the objectives of entertaining and educating.

???Even though we limited spaces for performances, the outdoor theatre in different spaces shows that you can perform in different environments and that theatre happens everywhere,??? she noted.

The Theatre Comes to Bridgetown event was coordinated by the Ministry???s Tourism Development Officer 1 and HIV Coordinator, Madge Dalrymple.

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